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Once the relationship is formalized with Auction Mobility, every client gets assigned a Project Manager who is available to ensure the on-boarding, training and provisioning process is met with our highest level of service.


The Project Manager that is assigned to you will be available to:

  • Setup your system and act as the liaison between our development team and your administration team
  • Conduct system training on the platform to ensure your first sale goes off with great success

The project manager works directly with our support organization, having daily meetings, to ensure we are meeting your needs and the needs of your customers. Once your system is launched, our dedicated support organization is there to ensure continued success.


Support Team Overview

Our support team is available to help in troubleshooting a problem. The support options are as follows:

  • Gavel Pro Customers:
    • Email support@auctionmobility.com and a response will be received within 24 hours to your inquiry
    • Phone support on auction day by calling: (866) 309-2828
  • Gavel Elite & Enterprise Customers:
    • Email support@auctionmobility.com and a response will be received within 24 hours to your inquiry
    • Phone support 24/7/365 by calling: (866) 309-2828



Materials needed to begin the branding process:


Below are the steps needed to get the project up and running. Take your time to read through everything. Let our team know a good time and day to discuss these steps during a quick onboarding call. We know that this is a lot of information, but we will be here for you every step of the way.



First, complete the questionnaire linked in the onboarding email from your Project Manager—these are important things we need to know to begin the project.


Most configuration options can be changed later such as:

  • Subdomain (question 5)
  • Credit card authentication at customer registration (question 7)
  • Auto/pending-approval of customer registrations (question 7)
  • Include categories or artists (question 8)
  • Anything on question 9 (excluding preferred currency if you are using Auction Studio for invoicing)
  • Conditions of Sale and bid increments can be changed in your admin console (your project manager will go over this in more detail during your training session)
  • Auto-accept online bids (question 11)
  • Visible company name (question 14)
  • About section (question 14)


The following cannot be changed once we build the auction platform. If you wish to change these later, after-development fees apply.

  • Template (question 2)
  • Company logo (question 4)
  • Color scheme (question 4)
  • Primary and Secondary language (question 8)
  • Mobile app store screenshots; sample auction data that you send us (question 10)
  • App name (question 12)
  • App description (question 12)
  • App keywords (question 12)
  • App logo/icon (question 13)

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Be prepared to provide the following requirements in the questionnaire form:

  • Your final logo - A high-resolution vector, .psd, .eps, .png, or .jpg image at least 1000px is preferred. The highest quality version of your logo.

  • Your login credentials to your Domain Name Service (DNS) provider, such as GoDaddy, HostGator, 1and1.com, etc. In preparation for launch of your web bidding platform, we will need access to your DNS, or website host/provider. You will need to provide the name of your provider’s company, URL to their site, as well as the username and password. Please make sure the login credentials are correct before sending to your project manager. Incorrect login information can delay the launch of your platform. If you'd rather not share the access to your DNS provider, ask your project manager for the records that need to be added to the DNS so you can make the changes yourself.

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IMPORTANT! If you request Credit Card Verification in your questionnaire:

We are set up to work with Stripe for credit card validation and authentication services.

    • Stripe USA: 2.9% +.30 cents per transaction
    • No charge for validation of bidders

Note: Stripe has different pricing depending on your country. Below is a list of countries that Stripe supports.



Click here to create a Stripe account.

Once your account is active and ready, click on the “Live Publishable Key” link in the pop-up screen. After registering you can also get to your keys by clicking on "API" in the right menu.

Copy and paste the following keys into an email to your project manager as soon as possible. Please do not send screenshots of the keys. Restricted keys will not work.

    • The “Live Secret Key” code
    • The “Live Publishable Key” code


Click here for helpful article: Locate API keys in the Dashboard | Stripe Help & Support


If you would rather not use Stripe, our other supported payment processer is CardConnect. Visit these articles to learn more about CardConnect integration:

Credit card verification will not be enabled until we receive the required information from your Stripe or CardConnect account.


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(Required in order to get your mobile app into the Apple App Store. Must obtain a D-U-N-S® number as an LLC/Corporation; do not apply as a sole-proprietorship.)


If you do not have a D-U-N-S® number, apply for one as soon as possible as the process can take a few weeks.

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Apple requires that each business has their own Apple Developer Account.


How to Create an Apple Developer Account:

When creating your account, be sure to apply as an organization, not as an individual, and have your D-U-N-S® number ready.


For more details on the D-U-N-S® number and Apple Developer account process, refer to these articles:

Important: If your registered organization name on the Apple Developer account is different from your app name, you will be required to prepare additional documentation for the Apple App Review Team. Your project manager will send you more information if this is the case.


For WordPress package clients: Apple requires a running website in order to complete your enrollment. Simply use your subdomain (your auction platform, once it's live) or be sure to provide this content to our WordPress specialist as soon as possible so we can publish your website.


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We require 9 sample lots for your mobile app store screenshots. i.e., When someone goes to download your app, they will see these lots as a preview in the app stores. See the example below. Be sure these lots show off your business and the types of items you sell! These lots can be from past, present, and/or future sales.



Send your project manager at least one image per lot and name each image to match the lot number. Send the mandatory fields: lot number, title, and description data to your project manager in a .CSV spreadsheet (not XLSX or XLS). Example of how the spreadsheet should look:



Do not send sample auction data that contains firearms or explicit/offensive content, as the app stores are sensitive to this type of material and may reject your app due to these items.

We require at least one image per lot for the sample data. Images must be labeled by lot number in the order of the image number.  See the example below. Lots 3 and 7 have multiple images.

Example of image accepted naming convention:


Learn more about the accepted naming convention here: How do I title and number my pictures for loading? – Auction Mobility


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As soon as everything is received, your project manager will reach out to schedule a training session over your admin console in a "demo" environment. After your training session, practice using the admin console and familiarize yourself with the platform.

Your project manager will notify you when your web platform and apps are launched and will provide you access to your "live" environment. Note: Anything done in your "demo" environment will not reflect your "live" environment.


Lastly, we encourage you to prepare the following.

  • Conditions of Sale: Provide any rules or regulations you want your clients to abide by. For legal reasons, Auction Mobility isn’t able to tell you what you should put here. Provide this information in a word document for formatting purposes.

    • Note: Conditions of Sale can be changed at any time--your project manager will go over this during your training session.
  • About Us: This is used to provide your clients some information about your business. Provide this information in a word document for formatting purposes.

    • Note: About Us can be changed at any time--your project manager will go over this during your training session.
  • Preferred Bid Increment Table, if applicable. You can use our pre-loaded default table below at any time!

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This process contains very time-sensitive tasks and completing them quickly will ensure that it is a smooth process to get you up-and-running. Your responsiveness during the provisioning process is crucial to launching your platform within 3-4 weeks!



Are we building a WordPress website for you? Here's what we'll need:


WORDPRESS DATA (for your main website)

Email the following to our WordPress specialist as soon as possible so we can begin building your WordPress website. Your project manager will connect you with our WordPress specialist!

  • About Us / Bio / Company History: Can be a short paragraph. Provide photos of yourself or the company, if possible.
  • Selling page: Describe how you run your auctions and what your specific rules are / terms and conditions.
  • Buying / Consignment page: Please describe how you usually handle consignments.
  • Contact section (optional): Short text to go along with the contact form.
  • Link(s) to social media presence, if any (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  • Any other information or details you would like us to include in your site.


When the first draft is complete, our WordPress specialist will send you a link so you can go over the site to see if it's to your liking. Should you request any final changes, we will make the desired changes and will notify you when the site is ready for your review/approval. Let us know when you approve of the site so we can schedule deployment!


Once the site is live, a training session will be scheduled with our WordPress specialist so you can learn about the functionalities of your new site and how to upkeep your site.



Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to launching your platform!


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