How to add YouTube videos on a Lot


Log into your admin console and click on the black button that reads "## LOTS":




Click on the lot you wish to add YouTube videos for, then click on "EDIT LOT" at the top-right.

At the bottom of the lot, click on "Add a video +" to add the YouTube video ID field.

Copy the video ID and place it on the "YouTube videos Video ID" field. The YouTube video field on the lot should ONLY contain the Video ID from the YouTube URL:




Alternatively, if you are having issues embedding the URL this way, you could try clicking on the "SHARE" button next to the YouTube video and copy only the URL text after the forward-slash "/".

The bold text shown in this example is what you'll copy from your YouTube video share URL: ""

Paste this text in the YouTube videos Video ID field in your admin console. The video should now be embedded.


If you do not see the YouTube Video ID field in your admin console, reach out to us so we can activate the feature for you.


Still have a question? Reach out to Support.

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