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NOTE: This article is intended for Auction Studio Pro BETA users only.



When clicking on MORE on your left-side menu, you'll be presented with 5 additional menu options.



The Inventory Data tab provides expanded functionality for your inventory such as artists and categories:






The Communications tab is a full list of communications hat are sent to your customers regarding their invoices. Click on a communication to see further details.

  • Allows sorting via filters:
    • Waiting, Processing, Sent, Not Sent, Not Sendable, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Failed, Disabled, No Recipient
  • Clicking on a communication provides shortcuts to go to the user's profile page or directly to the invoice.



The Reports tab allows for creation of real time reports, such as:

  • Invoices, Transactions, Customers, Organizations, Communications, Payments, Aging and Revenue



The Events tab tracks events as they occur within the system. Events tracked include user updates, invoice creations, transaction creations or updates, invoices voided, etc...



The Importers tab allows for the import of customers and transactions (CSV).

  • Note: Allows for only one file import at a time.


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