NOTE: This article is intended for Auction Studio Pro BETA users only. To learn about adding or editing lots on the admin console, please click here.



The INVENTORY tab on the left-side menu is where you add your inventory or lots (great for “loose” inventory). This feature allows you to add inventory outside of an auction to view only within the inventory tab.

To add an item, use the button at the top-right corner:







Auction Studio Pro provides the ability to add inventory items to the system that are not yet assigned to an auction event. Creating an inventory item does require an assigned consignor and offers the following.

    • Ability to search inventory by keyword (searches title & description fields) as well as the assigned consignor
    • Ability to bulk assign lots to an auction
    • Supports multiple quantities of a single inventory item



How to edit or withdraw a lot from a specific auction

When you are in an auction in Studio Pro, go to the LOTS tab at the top to see your items. Then click on DETAILS:





When you are in the lot details page, use the ACTIONS drop-down menu at the top-right to Edit the lot.






How to assign inventory item(s) to a specific auction

To assign "loose" inventory to an auction, within your INVENTORY tab, check the box for the item(s) you would like to assign. Then click the ASSIGN TO AUCTION button:





Type in the auction name, click ASSIGN, and you are all done! Easy, right?


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