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View all of your invoices in the INVOICES tab in the left-side menu.

You have the ability to search for invoices, create a new invoice, and view invoice statuses or full invoice details.




You can search for invoices by customer name, status or invoice number. You will be able to open individual invoices as needed!


You can even select multiple invoices and perform global actions such as charge all:






When viewing individual invoice details in full, you will see the customer info, invoice status, line item details, and more. You can use the quick links provided within the invoice if you wish to go to the customer's profile or view the auction information. You'll also be presented with many options on the ACTIONS drop-down menu, including:

  • View public invoice - to see a preview of what the invoice looks like
  • Download PDF - to download a PDF version of the invoice
  • Calculate Tax
  • Apply a payment - you can specify the type of payment, the amount, and add additional notes
  • Apply consignor credits - you can specify the amount and add notes. The due amount and consignment balance are both summarized at the top of the popup that appears when using this option.
  • Attachments - allows the option to add attachments to the invoice.
  • Void Invoice - ability to "unvoid" or revalidate the invoice is available
  • Charge Invoice - if the customer currently has a viable card on file, you can charge the invoice by clicking on Charge Invoice
  • Extend due date
  • Send a reminder - send a reminder of the invoice to the customer
  • Delete Invoice… - please be mindful that deleting an invoice is permanent and cannot be undone. Deleting an invoice will not remove any associated credits.
  • Invoice Settings - you can change the invoice number, add or change the invoice summary that will be found on the invoice, provide invoice terms (days to pay), disable/enable reminders, or enable purchase orders.


You'll also see the option to issue the invoice, if it hasn't been issued already!




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