Customer/User Account Individual Settings


NOTE: This article is intended for Auction Studio Pro BETA users only. To learn about user profile management on the admin console, please click here.



Customer/User Account Individual Settings (Located within the “Customers” tab)

Your customers each have a user account that holds important information about the customer. To access your customers, go to the CUSTOMERS tab on your left-hand menu.


Search for your customer and click on their PROFILE:





A summary of total bids, consignments, invoices, and more are conveniently located at the top of the user’s profile screen:




The user Details tab includes standard fields for address, phone number(s) and email address(s), as well as:

  • Individual user ID
  • Tax ID
  • Commission Type
  • Buy Back Fee
  • Internal Notes
  • Print Mailing Label Capabilities
  • Deadbeat (non paying bidder status)
  • Buy back fee (this overrides the global buy back fee set for a specific user)
  • Field for tax exempt code and tax exempt status
  • Consignor commission (this overrides the global commission set for a specific user)
  • Internal notes


The Bid Activity tab allows for:

  • Viewing bidding activity within all auctions the user has participated in
  • Viewing of bidding details for each auction


The Invoices tab is for easy location of all purchases by the user. Allows viewing of invoices, creation of outside invoices, and invoice status.


The Consignment tab allows you to view items consigned (present and past).


The Inventory tab allows you to view inventory provided by the user.


The Communications tab allows viewing of communications with the user, along with the invoice statuses.


The Payments tab allows you to view the payments received from the user.


The PDFs tab allows you to create PDFs of invoices based on status (i.e. issued, unpaid).


The ACTIONS drop-down menu at the top right allows you to:

  • Add a card for the user
  • Edit the user's information
  • Delete the user
    • If you wish to delete a user, you will be taken to a confirmation page so you have the opportunity to review the deletion. Please bear in mind that this action is permanent and cannot be undone. It is important to doublecheck everything before submitting. To cancel the deletion, click on the user's name at the top left corner.
  • Merge the user with another user profile (great for duplicate accounts!)




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