Creating an Auction (VIDEO)


NOTE: This article is intended for Auction Studio Pro BETA users only. To learn about creating an auction on the admin console, please click here.




Please watch our tutorial video linked above for an overview on creating an auction using Auction Studio Pro.


To create a new auction, click on your AUCTIONS tab in the left-hand menu. Then click CREATE NEW AUCTION on the right-hand side.





Fill in all the fields. A red asterisk* indicates the field is mandatory.





  • Remember to set the correct status and auction type for your sale.
  • Create a title, add your start and end date, as well as the time zone.
  • Add your commission type. Use "Default" to use what you added in your settings or adjust to override your defaults.
  • Create an auction description.
  • Add your paddle numbers for types of bidders. The system will auto-generate the paddle numbers if left blank.
  • Apply your shipping fee, if applicable.
  • Add details about the location of the sale and viewing information, if applicable.
  • For your Buyer's Premium, use your global settings or adjust to sliding or fixed to override.
  • Add your cover image.
  • You can add a message that will be added on the invoices generated for this specific sale.
  • You can also include a consignment statement footer that will enter custom message on each consignment statement.
  • Click CREATE AUCTION to save.




Once your auction is created, you can edit your auction using the ACTIONS drop-down menu.


In the LOTS tab, click on ADD INVENTORY to add items. You have the ability to rearrange your items' order, if needed.

Note: consignors selected at lot creation will be shown as customers in the CUSTOMERS tab for the auction. Use ADVANCED SEARCH for a more thorough search of your customers.


The INFO tab will show you information about the auction/sale.


Clicking on the AUCTIONS tab takes you back to a view of all your auctions.


Inventory can be added by click on INVENTORY on the left-hand menu. Here, you have the ability to add items not associated to an auction or sale yet and assign them later.




To assign an item to a sale, simply return to the AUCTIONS tab and click on the upcoming auction. Use the ACTIONS drop-down menu and click on Assign Inventory. Select and assign the item(s) you would like to add.


Once you are satisfied with your new auction, go to the AUCTIONS page, locate your auction, and use the ACTIONS drop-down menu to publish.


Your sale will be added to the admin console, as well as your client-facing site!


Learn more about auctions in StudioPRO.


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