How Do I Create a new Auction Post? (2020 or later)


NOTE: If your wordpress site was created in 2020 or later, we put in place a different system to create and manage auctions that is using "Custom Post Types". If you don't see an item that says "Auctions" on the side menu in your WP dashboard, please refer to this article.



Before creating an auction post on your Wordpress site, you need to first create your event on the Auction Mobility platform.

Please see this article if you are trying to upload a new catalog on Auction Mobility.

1. Find and Copy your auction Catalog URL

Once your new auction is created and public, you need to copy the direct URL of your catalog to link it to your corresponding auction post on Wordpress.

To find this URL, just go to your Auction Mobility web module, open your new auction by clicking the "View Lots" button, select the URL in your browser and copy it (CTRL+C or right click and "Copy")



2. Create New Auction Post

Back into the Wordpress dashboard, open the auctions list, or just by hovering the "Auctions" menu item, find and click on the "Add New" link/button. This will create a blank post.

3. Paste the Auction Mobility Catalog URL 

Find the input field just after the post title that is called "AM Catalog URL" and paste the link we copied earlier.


This will attached the link to your catalog to a button in your auction post, allowing your users to go to the Auction Mobility platform and start bidding.

4. Enter the Rest of the Auction Data

Enter the rest of the auction information including:

  • Auction Title
    This need to match the title you entered in Auction Mobility.

  • Auction Category
    Check the box that says "Active Auctions". This will allow your posts to be displayed in your Home and Auctions pages.

    Depending the Wordpress template you chose, you may have a slider on your home page and you also want to assign the "Featured" category to your auction post.

    NOTE: When your event is over, it is important to remember to come back and swap "Active Auctions" for "Past Auctions". So your past event no longer show on your home page.

  • Auction Type
    Specify if your auction is a "Live" or "Timed" event.

  • Auction Description
    This is optional but if provided, it should match the info entered with Auction Mobility. Use the classic text editor to enter your text.

    TIP: To achieve more elaborated layout for your content, you can activate the "Backend Editor" and use the page builder.

  • Upload Featured Lots Images (optional)
    At the end of the page when you edit your auction post, you have the possibility to upload images of the interesting lots in your catalog. Just use the "Image Gallery" section:

    This will add a grid of images at the end of your auction post. You should limit the numbers of pictures to 12-15 max as the real goal is to direct your users onto the bidding catalog.

5. Publish Your Auction Post

By default, any post is published using the today's date and time. But your auction is a future event and we need to change the date and time information.

Double check all your data and find the publish box usually located on the top right. Click on the "Edit" link located after the text that says "Publish Immediately".

From there, make sure to enter your event's date and time as it is on Auction Mobility (For a timed auction, use the start date).

Make sure to check the checkbox that says "Publish future post immediately" otherwise Wordpress will considered your post as "Scheduled" and it won't show.


Press "Ok" and "Publish". 

6. Test Your Auction Post

Open your website and have a look at your new post to double check that everything is ok and that the linking to your Auction Mobility catalog works (test the "View Lots" button).


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