How can I edit/manage my main menu?


You can edit and rearrange your website’s main menu easily by going to “Appearance” then “Menus”:




Make sure you select the menu you wish to edit by using the menu dropdown:




Add a new page

To add a new page to your menu, just open the “Pages” accordion dropdown, select the page you want to add and press the “Add to Menu” button:




Rearranging the menu

A new menu item gets added at the bottom of your menu by default. To re-order your menu items, just drag and drop them around. You can create menu dropdowns by nesting menu items together. Remember to press the “Save Menu” button when you are done.




Note: You can also add a post to your menu. For example, you could add in the “Auctions” sub-menu your most recent auction post to increase chances of traffic towards it. Just remember to remove your auction from your menu when it has passed!




Menu Locations

Besides your main menu located in your header, you can decide to show menus in the top and bottom sections of your website, and offer a different menu on mobile if needed.


The Total theme includes 5 menus locations:

  • Main: Used for the main navigation bar in the header.
  • Top Bar: Used for the very top bar of your site.
  • Footer: Used for the bottom right side of your site.
  • Mobile Icons: Used for mobile menu only. No text. Just icons supported.
  • Mobile Menu Alternative: If set, will display instead of the main menu on mobile devices.


You could for example, create a new menu that includes only “Terms & Conditions” and assign it to your top bar:





For more detailed information about menus, please refer to the Total theme documentation accessible here:

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