How do I upload a new logo?



To alter your logo go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo.




Import a Custom Image

When we set up your site, we already uploaded a file of your logo that you provided us. If you want to upload a new image, just click the “Change Image” button. It will open your media library in a new window where you can select an image or import a new one.





Image Size

There is no size restriction allowing you to upload any logo image you want and display it in full. However sometimes you may want to upload a large logo and display it at a smaller size. You can easily do that via the built-in height settings.




Tip: Use the 2 margin fields to add space on top and below your logo (in px). By adding the same value for both, you can increase the height of your header.

Sticky Header

In most cases, the “Sticky Header” option is enabled and allows your users to keep the menu accessible when they scroll down through your content. The header shrinks dynamically to a height you can set.




For more detailed informations about how you can customize your logo, we recommend you to consult the related Total Theme article accessible here.

Bonus: If you are curious about the different header style possibilities, you should read this:

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