How do I edit the widgets in my sidebar(s)?


A Widget is a small block that performs a specific function (display recent posts, custom menu, newsletter box, etc.). You can add these widgets in your sidebars or footer. To access your widgets, go to “Appearance” than “ Widgets”.



The Total theme comes with a few sidebars including:


Main Sidebar – Used for standard posts and as a fallback

Pages Sidebar – Used for standard pages

Search Results Sidebar – Used for search results pages

Portfolio Sidebar – Used for portfolio posts

Staff Sidebar – Used for staff posts

Footer 1,2,3,4 – Used for the footer areas


We added a few more sidebars for specific pages including:


Blog Sidebar – Used for blog posts

Auction Sidebar – Used for auction detailed pages

Auctions Sidebar – Used for the upcoming auctions page

Calendar Sidebar – Used for the calendar page

Past Events Sidebar – Used for the past auctions page




Note: When you create a post or a page, it uses by default the main sidebar in a right side layout (unless you have set different global settings under Appearance > Customize > General Theme Options > Pages).


Here is an example of the blog page with the blog sidebar:





Editing your widgets

Just like you build content for a page with the visual composer, you have access to many different widgets that you can drag and drop around in your sidebars. All widgets act as dropdowns, click to expand one and edit its content.




Note: Remember to save any changes you do to a single widget (by using the “Save” button when expanded) but sidebars are saved automatically as you rearrange widgets in them.


Assign a sidebar to a post or page

If you want to assign a specific sidebar to a post or page, you can do so in the page or post settings located usually at the bottom. Make sure your content has a layout that includes a sidebar and pick the one you want from the “Sidebar” dropdown:




Note: If you don’t want any sidebar, choose the layout that says “No Sidebar” from the content layout dropdown.


Create a new sidebar

To create a new sidebar, just use the “Create Widget Area” component. Enter the name, click “Create” than drop and edit all the widgets you need. When you are done, just assign this new sidebar to a page or post like explained previously.




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