How do I embed a map from Google Maps in a page or post?


Sometimes you may need to show a location to your users so they can easily navigate to it. Whether it is for a live auction location or the address of your business, here are the steps to import a map into your site.

1. Find Location in Google Maps

The first thing you need is to open Google Maps in your browser and search for the address you are looking for. Adjust the zooming level as you want it than open the side menu located in the top left where the search bar is:




2. Copy Embed Code of Your Map

In that side menu, look for “Share or embed map”, click it to open the “Share” window and go to the “Embed a map” tab. From there, you will be able to copy the HTML code of your map:





3. Import Map into WordPress

In your page or your post, find a “+” button or icon when working in your visual composer to open the list of available modules included with WP and the Total Theme. Find the “Google Maps” module and click on it.




Importing the Google Maps module will automatically open it settings window. Look for the “Map embed iframe” field and copy the code you got from Google Maps. Adjust the height if necessary (exp: 400px) and save your changes.




Preview or publish your page or post to see the result.

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