How do I Withdraw or Delete a Lot from my Catalogue?


In order to remove, withdraw or delete a bid from appearing on the front-end client side, you must follow these steps:

  • Login to the Admin Console
  • Go to your Upcoming Sales
  • Find the auction you are looking for and click the "Lots" button

  • Navigate to the lot that you wish to withdraw from the sale and click on it to open
  • Once the lot is open, select "Edit Lot

  • Scroll down towards the bottom, and in status, select "Withdraw" from the list of options
  • Then select "Save Lot"

This same approach can be used for marking items as:

  • Passed
  • Lot Open
  • Sold
  • Active

This will immediately pull the lot from public view on mobile, tablet and web when they open a new session of the sale. If they are in a session and try to access it at the same time it's pulled, they will receive an error message.


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