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Are there fee's for using ACH or Check Payments with Auction Mobility Invoicing?

  • Auction Mobility invoicing, in partnership with Paid Labs covers the charge for ACH payments or Lockbox transfers. There are not fees to the client or the auction house. 

Is there a $1 per invoice transaction fee to send invoices using Auction Mobility Invoicing?

  • There is a $1/transaction fee that is covered by Auction Mobility. The auction house is not responsible for that fee. There is no fee to use the invoicing solution. 

Where can I get the Access Token to setup the importing of invoices?

  • Your Project Manager can provide your access token.

I would like to be able to preview the invoices before they send, is that possible?

  • Once your Access Token is in place, you will be able to see your Auctions at  When generating invoices for an auction, the default configuration is to not issue (aka send) the invoice to your customer.  You will be able to preview and edit the invoices before you manually select to issue them.

After importing can we print off all invoices?

  • You can download and print PDFs of invoices by going to the Paid dashboard.  Once you've generated invoices for an auction, click on the "Invoices" link in the left navigation.  Select "Edit Invoice," which will take you to the Paid dashboard for that invoice.  Under "Actions" on the top left of an invoice, select "Download PDF."

Can we add text to an invoice?

  • At this time, there is not a way to add text to an invoice. 
  • How do we batch charge all invoices?
    Go to your invoices at, click “Select Action” on the top right of the invoices, and then "Charge all invoices."

Will we be able to email paid receipts after charging card on file?

  • Once the invoice is Paid, the customer will send a payment confirmation email.

How can I batch-print all invoices?

  • This is not currently possible.  You can filter your invoices in the Paid dashboard to only show your Paid invoices and then download each PDF.

Quickbooks integration, I connected our account, how will that process work?

  • Simply go to ( and click Sign In (or Sign Up) and you'll be redirect to Paid to connect your account. Afterwards, click on the "Connect to QuickBooks" button. From there, you can choose which invoices you'd like to sync or select to automatically sync all data.  Paid will sync invoices, line items, customers, payments, and refunds.
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