Creating a Sale in Your Admin Console and Uploading Your Catalog


Upon logging into your Admin Console, simply click "Create New Sale." You will be directed to the, "Create New Auction" screen (as shown below.) Please note that all fields denoted with are required fields and will not allow the creation of the auction, if they are left blank. You can drag and drop your cover image or you can click "select file" to choose the image from your computer. 


Once you have input all your data and your cover image, you will need to set the proper status of your auction. 

  • Draft - Will allow only you to view the auction and nothing will be present on the client facing side
  • Header Only - Will display the Header on your bidding site for customers to view, but there will be no lot information available. 
  • Published - Will place the auction and lots on your bidding platform for customers to view/pre-bid/etc

Once the desired status has been selected, click the "Create Auction" button. 



The system will now ask if you want to use an existing "Global Bid Increment Table" (previously loaded) or if you want to supply custom increments for this specific auction. 


Once sale is created, you will click on "Sales" and select "Upcoming Auctions."mceclip3.png You will now be prompted buttons to control the auction, namely;

  • Edit - this button will help to edit any header information, the title of the sale, time/date, increments, etc.
  • "X" Lots - The numbers of lots will show here. Take note that withdrawn lots are not included in the numbers here.
  • Scribe - This button is built for record-keeping of live auction Floor Bidders and acts as a secondary clerking system, providing a report after the sale to research any discrepancies in bids recorded.
  • Import Lots - This navigation button is also called Data Loader as you can bulk upload lots through this.
  • View Reports - Reports are kept here including the winners' details for each lot and reports can be downloaded.


To bulk upload, click on Import Lots. The first step would be uploading the photos. Select on "Click Here to Upload"


Prior to uploading your photos, you will need to make certain that the photos conform to the Auction Mobility naming configurations. 

  • The image name should have the lot number and the number image for that lot separated by a hyphen, period, or underscore.
    • ex. 1-1.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1_1.jpg


Notice that it will direct you to the Settings page. Automatically, the title folder will be named after the title of the sale.

(alternatively if you would like to upload photos without an auction created, you can do so in the settings tab)

Please see the sample photo below. Beside the "Images will be uploaded to:" is the title of your folder. If you wish to have it uploaded on a different one, you may select the "Choose Different folder. You will be given a choice to select a different folder or create a new title.


You will then be given a choice to select a different folder or create a new title.


Click on Select a File to locate the folder from your computer. Highlight all the photos by pressing CTRL+A and click Open. While the images are loading, you may click on the green button "Start Upload" for it to begin saving to the folder. Once the photos are uploaded, you will click "Take me To the Dataloader," when it is displayed.


You will need to have previously created a CSV file associated with the current auction and the data must include, at a minimum, Lot number, Title and Description. 


If you have already created your CSV file, click, "Choose File," to locate it on your computer. In the event that you need a CSV template, to prepare your file, click "Download."


Once you have selected your file, click "Upload CSV."

Select what you are trying to do:

Insert- Create New Auction Lots with new information (you will need to match all fields from right to left)

Update- Update only existing lots with new information or images (match lot number and any fields with new information, data)

Upsert- Update existing lots and add additional lots (you will need to match all fields as you are entering new lots also)


Drag and drop the corresponding fields from the right side to the left side:


Once you have matched all your fields (the required fields vary depending on what action you are performing), you will need to select your image folder. If you are not creating or attaching photos at this time click "No Images." If you are inserting, updating or Upserting any new images, select your file in the "Base Directory," and click "Start Import."


Still have a question? Reach out to Support.

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