Competitive Pre-Bidding AKA "Timed then Live" Auctions


Definition: the pre-bidding phase of the auction will display the current price of the lot as per the pre-bids that have been placed. This functionality includes “outbid” notifications be sent to bidders. On live auction day, the clerk console will be made live and available 1hr prior to the start of the auction. A great way to keep people engaged.

To create a timed then live auction, select "Timed Then Live" under the Auction Type. Choose a start date/time, a 'starts live' date/time, and an end time.


In the example below, the auction will be open for timed bidding on 11/3 - 11/10. At 2pm on 11/10 timed bidding will stop and the live auction will begin. The live auction is then set to end at 5pm. Any winning bids placed before the auction goes live will be carried over to the live auction. 




Bids placed in the Pre-Bidding (before going live) will be listed in the "Pre-sale Bid History" tab for each lot. In the "Live Sale Bid History" tab, you will find bids placed during the live portion of the sale, as well as bids placed by the Auction Mobility system on behalf of the bidder (for max bids):




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