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    How do I upload images to the system for a new catalogue?

    To upload your images that will correspond with a catalogue / auction, you will follow these steps:

    • Login to the Admin Console
    • From the top level navigation menu, select Settings

    • Click on Lot Images

    • Next, select "Choose a Different Folder" - Create a name that corresponds to your sale
    • Click the select a file button, then select all images you wish to upload, then select "start upload"

    • The system will upload your files and alert you when that is completed. 
    • Next, return to the "upcoming auctions' page and follow these instructions


    Note: Titling and Numbering Images

    • The image name should have the lot number and the number image for that lot separated by a hyphen, period, or underscore.
      • ex. 1-1.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1_1.jpg

    NOTE: The second number determines the order the images will show up on the web/app.

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