What is the Consignment Option on the App for?


The Mobile and Tablet apps that were designed for you will have an option to allow your customers to submit consignments to you easily, right from their phone or tablet. 

  • This feature can be disabled during on-boarding

If you wish to allow customers the ability to submit consignments, they will follow these steps:

  • Open the mobile app and from the menu, select "Consign an Item"

  • Select "Begin" and then select the option to take/add a photo to the submission
    • Users can take a 'live' photo or take one from their photo library

  • Add the items description, size dimensions and valuable information about the piece. 


  • Select Next and you are done! 


To View Items Submitted for Consignment in the back-end admin console:

  • Login to your Admin Console
  • Select "Consigned Items" from the top-level navigation

  • You will see the listing of all items, with the most recent being displayed at the top. From here, select "open full review" and see all details pertaining to the submission. 

  • From here, you can determine if you are interested in the item and reach out directly to the client.


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