How to I get Setup with a Xero Account?


We offer easy integration with Xero, a cloud-based accounting and invoicing system. On the back end of our solution, we make it easy for a client to download their auction report, and upload it into Xero, where a client can create, manage and record all aspects of their auction. This is a cloud-based offering that is used by our clients all over the world for a small charge, paid directly to Xero, averaging $30 a month.

To Create an Account with Xero:

  • Go to the Xero website and create an account. 
  • Validate the account - this will be received into the email you used for setup
  • Complete the details about the organization

  •  Next you will be taken to a screen where you can link your bank account with Xero & complete other business details. 

  •  Select the "Account" Tab in the top header, then from the dropdown, select "Sales"
  • Select "Import"
  • Attached the spreadsheet that you download from the Auction Mobility Admin Console. 

To Generate the Report from the Auction Mobility Admin Console.

  • In the top navigation menu, select Sales, then select "upcoming" or "past" sales

  • Select the "view reports" button

  • Once you have a Xero account, add your account ID and tax code to the Xero report in your admin console.
    • This will generate a CSV of winning bidders and item information that you can easily upload to Xero for invoicing.


  • Select "download" the file under Xero
  • Take the .csv file that is generated from Auction Mobility and upload it into the Xero site
  • Note: Auction Mobility is not partnered with Xero. Contact Xero support if you have questions on how to use their platform.


Still have a question? Reach out to Support.

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