Creating an Account with Card Connect (Rubix) to Accept Credit Cards


Auction Mobility has partnered with Card Connect (Rubix Services) to provide customers with a simple, integrated payment processing solution for use with common forms of payment, like a credit card.  

To setup an account with Card Connect (Rubix):

  • Initial Application Fill out your online Merchant Application form
    • Most applications will take less than 24 hours to process. We’ll be in touch if we need any additional information needed for approval.

  • Receive your new Merchant ID (MID). You’re ready to start accepting payments

  • Receive login credentials to your Virtual Terminal and Merchant Portal. Rubix Services will help you become familiar with the user-friendly tools you need to process transactions and manage your data.

    • For customers with other processing needs, Rubix Services will provide all of the support needed to integrate these additional business channels into one common processing solution.


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