How do I Get Setup with a Stripe Account?


Follow the below instructions for setting up your Stripe Account, or use with common forms of payment, like a credit card.  

  • Click here to create an account
    • Username & password will be created

  • Verify Your Email Account by selecting the "confirm" link in the email you used to register
  • In Stripe - Under “Your Account” (left menu, under "Home"), select “Activate Account.
  • Complete the requested information
    • Business Information
    • Tax ID #
    • Bank Account Details

  • Click on the “Live Publishable Key” link in the popup screen.
  • Send to your Project Manager the following:
    • The “Live Secret Key” code
    • The “Live Publishable Key” code
    • Note: Copy and paste these keys into an email to your project manager. Please do not send screenshots of they keys. After registering you can also get to your keys by clicking on "API" in the right menu.


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