How Do I Link My Auction Post to its Corresponding Auction Mobility Catalog?


Once your data is complete and ready to go, it’s time to link your auction post with its corresponding AM catalog using an obvious button or link. The Total WordPress Theme offers all sorts of different modules to piece your content together. One of them is called “Call to Action” and is simply a box with a button. You need to change the link attached to that button.

NOTE: It is recommended to have a catalog ready on your AM web module before you create an auction post on your WordPress. But you can decide to create that post anyway to promote the auction even though no lots were uploaded yet. In that case, make sure to specify that the lots will be soon available for viewing/bidding and remember to update your post with a link to your catalog once it is ready!

How do I link my catalog? 

  • First, you need to make sure that you have successfully created and publish your new auction using the AM Admin Console. Open that auction in your AM web module and copy the complete URL from that page.

You need to copy your auction complete URL from your AM web module.


  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard and open the corresponding auction post. Find that “Call to Action” module and paste the link you just copied as the URL of the the button.
  • Publish your post and verify the link is working correctly


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