How do I create a new auction post?


NOTE: If your Wordpress site has been created in 2020 or later, please refer to this article.

Posts are the dynamic part of your site as opposed to static pages which remain the same but can include that dynamic content in the form of sliders, carrousels … etc.

Why Should I create Posts?

You can create a post to communicate any relevant news to your customers about your business or your industry or in this case, to promote a new upcoming auction and direct your users to the catalog on the AM platform.

Post Categories

We created 2 basic categories of post: “Auction” and “News”. Any post tagged as “Auction” will automatically be added to your Calendar and Auctions pages. Read more about categories here.

How do I create a new auction?

When we delivered you your website, it included at least a couple of auction posts already designed. We also installed a plugin that allows you to just duplicate existing posts so you don’t have to start from scratch every time:

1. Go to "Posts" on the left menu. Hover over an existing auction and click the "Duplicate This” link. It will create a duplicate draft of your post.




2. Click on the post you just duplicated (same name as the post you copied but in draft mode) to start editing your auction information.


There are a few things you need to modify before publishing your post:

1. Edit the title and the permalink field (leave permalink field blank and click “OK” to let WP create the title).




2. Edit the first element in your visual composer. It is an “Icon Box” that indicates the auction type, date and time. Click on the pen icon and edit the text in the content tab.






Note: if you are doing online timed auction, make sure to duplicate an existing timed auction post. The icon used is different and as opposed to live auctions, you need to provide a start and end date.


3. Most importantly, you need to edit the link of the “View Lots” button from the second module which is called a “Call to Action”. Mouse hover the module, click the pen icon, go to the button tab, click the “Select URL” button and copy your custom link (more about how to find this link here).





4. Edit the rest of the post content to your needs (import featured lots images, edit description, viewing information and location) or just delete the sections/rows you don’t need.

5. Import a featured image (make sure to import a large .jpg or .png image preferably in landscape format).




6. Make sure the category selected is 'Auctions’ and that you switch it to 'Past Auctions' when your event is over. It ensures your post is displayed in the correct pages of your site.




7. Finally, in the “Publish” panel, make sure to change the post date and time to match the one previously entered. Press the “Publish” button.



Important: the 'Publish future post immediately' checkbox MUST be checked for the auction to appear on your site!


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