Linking your Bidding Platform to Realize Success


The Auction Mobility system consists of 3 standard components:

  1. A native mobile app for Android and iOS devices
  2. A native tablet app for Android and iOS devices
  3. A website subdomain for participation on a computer 

These three systems we create to allow your customers to experience the easy-to-use format on the device where they are most comfortable. When launching your system, it's important to remember that people want to easily see your auction calendar, browse your lots, register to participate in the sale and have easy access on sale day to input bids. 

We have created an online webinar, Online Marketing Best Practices, to help you understand the importance of properly showcasing your new bidding platform, but also so new and unique ways to drive increased participation in your events. 

In summary, ensure that you have taken the following steps: 

  1. Highlight your new 'app' on the homepage of your website or through any listing services you use today
  2. Link off your current website to the bidding subdomain
  3. Share on social media the link to the app store to download you new app, especially for current customers of yours today who are following you
  4. Send out a communication to current / previous customers, announcing the launch of your new system



Sample Image of the Auction Mobility Bidding System


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