The Provisioning Process


Once the relationship is formalized with Auction Mobility, every client gets assigned a Project Manager who is available to ensure the on-boarding, training and provisioning process is met with our highest level of service.

The Project Manager that is assigned to you will be available to manage:

  • Your Project Manager of your system, will act as the liaison between our development team and your administration team.
  • Will conduct system training on the platform, to ensure your first sale goes off with great success
  • Can aid in the upload of your catalogue and support you every step of the way

The project manager works directly with our support organization, having daily meetings, to ensure we are meeting your needs and the needs of your customers. Once your system is launched, our dedicated support organization is there to ensure continued success.

Materials Needed to begin the branding process:

Logo:  Vector image is preferred, or highest quality version of your logo that you have.

Bid increment table: Please note that only whole dollar increments are accepted, and the math must work out between the specific ranges. If an increment table is not provided we will use the following Increment table:



Sample Data:

Auction Mobility uses sample data for a few purposes: 1. To test and train you on your new bidding platform  2. We take screenshots of these items for app submissions. i.e. When someone goes to download your app, they will see these lots as preview in the app stores so, be sure these are lots that really show off your business!

We request 9 sample lots as this gives you the most possible real estate to show off the types of items that you sell. These lots can be from past, present, and/or future sales.  Data must be submitted in a spreadsheet format. Mandatory fields to submit data are: Lot number, title, and description. The data loader accept the following file types: CSV and XLS (not XLSX).

We suggest not sending sample data that contains  firearms or explicit/offensive content as the app stores are sensitive to this type of material, and may reject your app due to these items.  

We require at least one image per lot for sample data. Images must be labeled by lot number the order of the image number.  See the example below. Lots 3 and 7 have multiple images


Example of spreadsheet:


Your Project Manager will provide you with a secure file folder to quickly and easily share the sample data and images.  Below is an example of the proper naming convention to load your images onto the platform:

Example of image accepted naming convention: 


Terms and Conditions:

Provide any rules or regulations you want your clients to abide by.  For legal reasons, Auction Mobility isn’t able to tell you want you should put here, but please note these can be changed at any point in time.  Please provide this information in a word document for formatting purposes.

About Us:

This is used to provide your clients some information about your business. (Information to be sent in a word document for formatting purposes)

Note: Terms and Conditions and About Us information can be updated at any time by contacting Auction Mobility Support. (Information to be sent in a word document for formatting purposes)

Domain Name Service (DNS) Information:

In preparation for launch of your web bidding platform, we will need access to your DNS, or website host/provider.  (GoDaddy, Hostgator, are examples of DNS providers).

You will need to provide the name of your provider’s company, URL to their site, as well as the username and password.  Please make sure the login credentials are correct before sending the credentials to your Project Manager. Incorrect login information can delay the launch of your platform.

Apple Developer Account:

Apple Requires that each business has their own Apple Developer Account.  Click here for full details.


Support Team Overview

Support is available to help in troubleshooting a problem and also with feedback from you on feature ideas and enhancements. The suppor options are as follows:

  • Gavel Pro Customers:
    • Email and a response will be received within 24 hours to your inquiry
    • Phone Support on auction day by calling: (866) 309-2828
  • Gavel Elite & Enterprise Customers:
    • Email and a response will be received within 24 hours to your inquiry
    • Phone Support 24/7/365 by calling: (866) 309-2828


Still have a question? Reach out to Support.

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