Participating in a Timed & Live Sale


There are several ways a client can participate in a sales, depending on the type of sale, time of day the sale is taking place or location of the sale. 

Participation in a Live Sale:

  • On-site, live at the auction
  • By placing a bid through the phone (which is entered as a floor bid)
  • Placing absentee bids online or through the app
    • This can begin as soon as a catalog is published
  • Bidding during the live sale through the mobile, tablet, or web auction platform
  • Placing a bid through the auction house and manually entering that bid in the system through the admin console. 

Participation in a Timed Sale (Online-Only):

  • By placing a bid through the phone at some point during which the event is scheduled to be opened
  • Placing a max bid online or through the app
    • The system will automatically bid on their behalf up to that amount if they are bid against 
    • This can begin as soon as a catalog is published & the sales begins
    • If a bidder is instantly outbid because a higher max bid exists by a different bidder, they will be notified on their device (web/apps) immediately after placing the bid. If a bidder is winning the lot and is later outbid, they will receive an email notification & push notification to mobile and tablet, letting them know they have been outbid and encouraging them to bid again
    • If two bidders leave the same max bid and that bid wins the lot, the bidder who left the bid first will be the winner.
    • If you have timed house bidding enabled, the system will bid against bidders up until the reserve. The last bid placed by the system in this scenario will be at a half increment below the reserve, so the next bid will sell the lot.
  • Placing a bid through the auction house and manually entering that bid in the system through the admin console into their account.
    • The user will need to either already have an account or go through the registration process.  

Regardless of how the user chooses to participate, giving them a variety of options enables them to participate from where they are most comfortable and ultimately, where is most convenient for them.


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