Audio and Video Setup on Sale Day


During a live sale, the auction house has the ability to feed audio or audio and video to participants online. This gives online participants the 'feeling' as though they are there and 'in the moment' to participate in the bidding. 

To setup the live video streaming:

  • About 1 hour before your sale starts you will see the "publish video" button on the Upcoming Auctions screen


  • Select "publish video" and on the next screen click "connect"
    • Make sure to give the browser access to your webcam
    • You can setup multiple cameras of the room that will feed through the system. An example of the software for that would be "many cam"

The publish video page needs to remain open as long as you want to stream video/audio. You do not need to "stay on" the tab, it simply has to remain open on your computer.

If you wish to connect audio only, simply cover the webcam and the audio feed will come through. The video screen will just be black. 

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox for publishing audio/video.

  • Safari is currently in testing by Apple to be available.

If you would like to test your webcam prior to sale day, you may to so in your test/UAT environment.


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