How Do I Edit or Delete a Bid / PreBid in a Live (Simulcast) Sale?


In the clerking console, there is the ability to delete or edit a current bid.


To delete a bid:

  • Open the Admin Console
  • In the clerking console, select the bid history box

  • Next to each bid you will see an "X".

  • In order to delete a bid, you must delete any bids that came after it
    • Start from the top of the list and make your way down to the bid you need to delete.
  • When you delete an internet bid, the bidder will see the message on their screen that "another bid was taken" and they will prompted to bid again. 


To Delete an Absentee or Pre-bid from the Admin Console:

  • Open the Admin Console
  • From the top level navigation, select "Users"

  • Select the sale from the dropdown where the bid was made
  • Select the name of the bidder who you want to edit

  •  Next, select "Bids" in the upper right

  • Find the bid in question and select "delete bid"
    • Note: the button is hidden until you scroll over it

To Delete or edit a Pre-Bid / Absentee bid from the Customer Facing System

  • Open the App of Desktop bidding platform and login to your account
  • Select "My Bids" from the menu options
  • Browse to the bid you would like to edit
  • Select "Edit" or "Delete Bid"
    • If "editing" the bid, enter the new amount and select "Submit"
    • If "deleting" the bid, it will ask you to confirm the deletion request, select "Ok


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