How do I Register for an Auction?


The platform was designed with three potential clients in mind:

  1. The Window Shopper - would like to browse your sale without needed to register, but will likely be back to participate in an auction. 
  2. The "Lite" User - would like to browse your sale, 'watch' a few items in the catalog and be alerted about those items through 'push notifications' on sale day or when a sale is about to close. 
  3. The Registered Bidder - would like the ability to 'watch' and place bids on items in the catalogue. They can place absentee bids or bid in a current sale, whether a timed or live event. 

Below is a video for how the clients can browse, watch and register for an upcoming sale:


Ideally, you will want everyone to become a registered bidder, however, the other two options give people flexibility to do it when they are ready. During the browsing process, there are a series of things that will happen based on the customers actions, that will determine the client they will be in the system:

  • The window shopper can browse freely, without needing to provide any information, so as long as they don't wish to 'watch' any items or place any bids. 
  • The lite user can 'watch' items across catalogs, and will only be prompted for the following information:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email Address
    • A unique password

When this user tries to bid, it will automatically take them to the screen to enter the required information, like address and credit card, for bidder validation and approval. 

  • The registered bidder will complete the required items necessary to participate in the sale. This includes:
  • Contact details: Name, email, phone number
  • Address validation
  • Credit card validation and authentication
  • Agreement of unique terms and conditions of the auction house

When a user is approved to bid, they will receive a push notification and an email alerting them of their status as a bidder in the auction. 

Once a bidder has done this for one sale, the information will pre-fill for subsequent registrations.


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