Staggered End Times & a Soft (Variable) Close


Staggered End Times: When you create a new timed sale, at the bottom of the new auction setup, you will see the minute and second selectors appear.

  • You can leave these blank if you want all lots to end at the same time or enter a staggering frequency,
    • If you add lots to a timed sale with staggered end times after the sale's start time, the additional lots will close at the sale end time and will not be staggered.


Soft (Variable) Closes: The auction company has the ability to add soft (variable) closes on their auction. the configuration for the system today is as follows: 

  • If a lot receives a bid within the last X minutes, it will remain open for an additional X minutes.
  • If any further bidding occurs, the extension timer will reset to X minutes.
  • "X" depends on your configuration, but is setup to default to 10 mins, unless that is changed with your project manager.


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