Changing Lot Order During a Live Sale


During a live sale, there is the opportunity to change the order of lots. 

To change the sequence of lots:

  • In the clerking console, enter the number of the lot you wish to open. There are 2 ways to skip to different lots. User can manually enter the lot they wish to skip to or browse and select the lot they wish to skip to. 

To manually enter a specific lot # in the clerking console:

  • Enter the lot # you wish to open, select "open lot"
    • To open a lot out of sequence you must not currently have a lot open.

To browse and open a lot:

  • Click the "see all XXX lots" button in the lower left corner.
  • Then click the "upcoming" tab and click the "open lot" button for the lot you want to open.
    • To open a lot out of sequence you must not currently have a lot open.

Note: If you are opening lots out of sequence we recommend leaving the "Auto-start lots" checkbox unchecked.


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