Artists and Categories


There are two optional sections in a catalog that an auction house may chooses to use, depending on how they run their auctions and the types of sales that they run. 


If you elected to enable artists, your clients can follow an artist. This will save the artist in the "Favorite Artists" screen, and when the user clicks on the artist they will see all lots by that artist in all of your sales.

  • To add artist names you can either include a column for artist in your data load spreadsheet, or you can visit the "Settings" tab, where you'll see the "Artists" page, and manually add an artist there.
    Note: Items can have only one artist associated to them.


  • To associate an artist to a lot, open the edit mode on a lot and find the "Artist" field. Start typing the artist name to search your list of artists. Click the artist name to validate your choice.



If you elected to enable categories, your auction catalogs will have a categories filter where users can isolate lots in a given catalog by category. On web, users can also click on a category on the lot detail page to see all lots in the catalog in that category.

  • Items can be tagged with more than one category. Categories are not hierarchical.



To add categories you can:

  • Include a column for category in your data load spreadsheet, with categories separated by a semi colon.
  • Go  the "Settings" tab, where you'll see a "Categories" page to manually add a category.
  • Note: Categories will be displayed in alphabetical order.



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