Viewing or Editing Your Increment Table


Auction Mobility provides clients with the ability to create a custom increment table or to use our global increment table in their auctions. Once the sale is created the increments table can’t be changed.

To setup or modify the increment table:

  • Select "settings" in the top level navigation
  • Select "increments" then "edit"
  • Edit the appropriate row(s)
  • Select "Save Increments Table"


There are several parameters to be aware of in the setup of your increment table: 

  • We do not support increments of less than $1.00 and increments must be whole dollar amounts
  • Your increment table must "line up", such that the last bid in a given range brings you to the "to" value in that range
    • For example, $25 increments from $0 to $500 is acceptable ($475, $500), while a scale of $35 is not acceptable ($490, $525), as it places you out of range 
  •  If you use starting prices, the start price for each lot must be on increment
  • The lot sequencing feature will alternate between increments you enter. So, if you have a sequence of $20 and $30 between $0-$300, the acceptable bids will be: $20, $50, $70, $100.

Below is a sample of the global increment table:

Note: If you want to change this table, we recommend doing so only when there is not a sale currently accepting bids utilizing the table, as this could potentially break previously entered bids.


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