Auction Reporting


To access the different reports for an auction, from the upcoming auctions screen, click the "View Reports" button or when consulting the lots, go the "Auction Report" tab.


Reporting for an auction is available to the admin at any point before, during or at the close of a sale. There are several types of reports that are available:

  • Pre-Auction Report: Includes all pre-bid activity for the sale
  • Registration Report: A list of all registrants for a sale
  • Post Auction Report: A comprehensive report containing all winning bidder data and lot information
  • Live Bids Report: The complete bidding history for each lot in a sale
  • Lots Export: Lot metadata - available for extraction from the system
  • Xero Report: Same report as the Live-Bids-Report but formatted to be compatible with Xero for generating invoices
  • Watched Lots Report: Collected data on lots that were watched/bookmarked during the auction



Note: There is not currently a report that indicates where bidding is for lots in a timed sale. However, in the lot dashboard for a timed sale, the current bid and max bid information is available.
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