What are my Invoicing & Billing Options?


There are three common ways in which many of our clients today manage and invoice their clients at the close of a sale. 

Option #1: Auction Mobility & Paid Labs Join Forces

Auction Mobility has partnered with Paid Labs to bring a more complete system to our clients. The service is available at no charge to clients of Auction Mobility and will allow them to generate invoices automatically at the close of their auction, when the data feeds directly to the billing system. 

This offering is currently available for Auction Mobility clients who meet the below criteria. We will be expanding the program over the next few months based on feedback and continual process improvement.

  • Client must be using Stripe as their payment processor
  • Client must be invoicing in $USD

Benefits of Leveraging the service include:

  • Easily billing auction winners
  • Charge credit cards for every winner
  • ACH and check lock-box services to avoid credit card processing fees
  • Free & seamless invoice creation for each customer
  • Track outstanding balances
  • Automatecollections
  • Free support

Details on the simple process for registration & how to get started are attached below.


Click here to register for the invoicing and billing option from Auction Mobility or reach out to your project manager to learn more! 

Option #2: Billing through Xero

We offer easy integration with Xero, a cloud-based accounting and invoicing system. On the back end of our solution, we make it easy for a client to download their auction report, and upload it into Xero, where a client can create, manage and record all aspects of their auction. This is a cloud-based offering that is used by our clients all over the world for a small charge, paid direct to Xero, averaging $30 a month.

  • To generate the report, in the top navigation menu, select Sales, then select "upcoming" or "past" sales
  • Select the "view reports" button
  • Under the 'Post-auction report" select "download"
  • Take the csv file that is generated and upload it into Xero

Once you have a Xero account, you can add your account ID and tax code to the Xero report in your admin console. This will generate a CSV of winning bidders and item information that you can easily upload to Xero for invoicing.

Option #3: Export to a Third-Party System

If you prefer to extract your auction data at the close of an auction and bill through your own current back-end auction management system, you can easily download the post-auction report at the conclusion of your sale and upload it into whatever that back-end software may be. Most third party offerings enable the ability to import a CSV file and manage your post auction details from there.  

  • To generate the report, in the top navigation menu, select Sales, then select "upcoming" or "past" sales

  • Select the "view reports" button

  • Under the 'Post-auction report" select "download"

  • Take the .csv file that is generated and upload it into your back-end system


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