How to I Validate a Registrant with a Credit Card?


Auction Mobility supports two different payment processors, Stripe and CardConnect. Our clients select the provider that will best meet their needs and in conjunction with the system design, the payment processor account will be setup and enabled prior to launch.

The selection of a payment processor an how you choose to integrate and leverage them will vary based on your setup of the Auction Mobility system. The processor will function in two key roles of the auction process:

  • New User Registration: If you enable credit card validation and authentication, the processor will ensure the registered bidder meets the criteria that is required for approval to bid in your sale. 
    • Admins can setup your account to charge the card of a registrant a specific amount, which is then credited back to that user once the charge is verified.
    • Admins can place a hold on a credit card for any bidders who register for the event. This will not charge the card, simply ensure that money is 'available' to the auction house, should they choose to process the payment.
  • Post-Sale Charges:
    • At the close of any auction and dependent on the terms & conditions of a sale, the auction house may choose to automatically charge the card on file for that sale for the total amount of the items won by that registrant.


Payment Processors:

  • Click Here to get setup with Stripe
    • If you wish to invoice with Auction Mobility invoicing, you must register with Stripe here.
  • Click Here to get setup with CardConnect


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