User Profile Management


Administrators of their platform have the ability to manage a registrants profile in the back-end. In order to access this data, the admin may select  the registrants name in the registration list for a particular sale or will be able to select 'users' from the top-level navigation bar, and search by name or email address for a specific user. 

On the user profile, the admin has the ability to do the following:
  • Edit a registrants contact information
  • Change/reset the registrant's password
  • Register the client for an upcoming sale
  • Set a paddle number for a registered client
  • Set a spending limit for a registered client
  • Set and view a preferred payment method
    • If you have credit card verification enabled, you can see address information and the last four digits of the card entered. You can also enter a new card.
    • Note: You cannot charge the card within the admin console - that is done through your payment processor.


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