Managing the Auction Registrations


Every Auction Mobility client manages their registration process differently:

  • Clients allow all registrants to participate in a sale without any verification or validation.
  • Clients can choose a credit card validation and authentication of a bidder prior to them being enabled to bid.
  • Client may have all registrants move to a pending status, where a member or their staff personally speak with the registrants, validates requested items are provided & then approves or rejects their registration to bid.

Regardless of how you setup your auction registration process, we make it easy and flexible to work with in our system.

To manage auction registrations:

  • Click on "Registrations" in the top menu bar - then select "upcoming" or "past" from the dropdown
  • From the dropdown, select the sale you want to view registrations for.
  • Select "pending", "accepted", "rejected" or "all users" from the options

  • Registrations are lists of users who have registered to bid for a specific sale.
  • If you are configured to manually approve registrations, you will visit the registration screen for the appropriate sale and hit "Accept" to accept the registration or "Reject" to deny it.
    • The client will be notified by email & push notification that their registration has been accepted or declined.
    • You can change a bidders registration status during a sale. When you do, the client will be notified by email & push notification and will be allowed or blocked from bidding in the sale from that moment onwards.

  • If you are configured to automatically approve registrations, once bidders register, they will immediately be able to bid without further action necessary from you.
    • You may reject bidders in the registration screen at any time and at your discretion.
  • From the registration screen you can edit the paddle number and apply a spending limit.
    • If a spending limit is applied, the bidder will be blocked from purchasing anything in excess of that amount. This can also be applied on the users profile page by clicking on the bidder name.


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