How do I upload my catalogue using the Data Loader? (VIDEO)




Step - By - Step Instructions

Updating a Current Auction using the Data Loader. This option is to be used when you need to make updates to a current auction. 

  • Login to the Admin Console.
  • Ensure the catalog with your lot information is in CSV format. (Template Attached)
    • Each row is meant for a single lot 
    • All the required fields (Lot number, title & description) at a minimum must be completed. All other fields are for optional use based on your preference. 
    • Note: You can load the catalog is sections, based on your timeline and contents being ready for viewing in the system. 

  • In the "Upcoming Auctions" page, select "Import Lots
    • Be sure you have already "Created a New Sale"

  • On the next page, click "Select a file" and you will locate the images that you have or the respective catalog. Click or drag and drop the entire folder of all images here.  
  • Once that's complete, select "Start Upload"

  • Once finishing, you will see "UPLOAD COMPLETE" and then can move onto the next step of loading your lots using our data loader. 


Note: You can skip step one and move here to step two, by just selecting the step to the right, "Don't need to upload images- Take me to the catalog loader" located on the right of the screenshot above. 

When you are ready to upload your lots, via CSV, select Choose File. 

  • Upload the CSV & select the appropriate option for the file from the choices below: 
    • Insert: Use insert if you are adding additional lots to your auction. Example: If your auction has lots 1-200 already loaded, then insert could be used to upload lots 201-250.
    • Update: Use update if you want to update the information of the lots already loaded. Example: If lots 1-50 have typos, you can update this typo in one go by ‘updating’ all the lots
    • Upsert: Use upsert if you want to override the current lots with new one Example: If lots 1-100 all loaded incorrectly, use an ‘upsert’ to start fresh.
  • Match your headings with the headings present in your spreadsheet 
    • Only Lot Number, Title, Description are required

  • Once you have completed the matching, you can choose to 'remember the matches' for future use, which can be a time saver in the future. 
  • Then select "Start Upload"
  • Once it starts, the system will load the lots and depending on the number of lots, the system will share a success message once the lots have been loaded! 

Click back on the menu, to Upcoming auctions and you will see that now, all lots and images (if appropriate) have been loaded. 



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