What is a Lot Status?


The lot status determines if an item will appear on the front-end of your system, or if it will remain as something that only the system admin can see in the back-end of the system. There are several lot statuses within the Auction Mobility system.

  • Active: The default status for lots. This means the lot is a part of your catalog.

  • Withdrawn: If you want to remove a lot from a catalog, change the status to withdrawn. There is no delete option, but withdrawn will make the lot invisible on the web and in your apps.

  • Sold and Passed: These statuses are applied to lots over the course of a timed or live sale. If you need to edit the status of a lot marked sold or passed during or after a sale, you may do so.

  • Bidding Open and Lot Open: These statuses are applied to lots over the course of a sale. You never need to manually change lots to these statuses.

At any time, a status may be changed:

  • Select "edit lot' in the sale listing within the admin console
  • Scroll down towards the bottom until you reach "status"
  • Select the dropdown and change the status
  • Click "save lot"  


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