Creating an Auction


In order to create a new sale:


  • Select "Create New Sale" from the top-level navigation bar.

  • Select an auction type from the dropdown list
    • Timed Sale - This type of sale takes place online only and has a designated start and end time.
    • Live Sale - This type of sale can be conducted with participants on-site & online or all online.

  • Enter a title, start day/time, end day/time, a timezone, and a currency type.
    • For timed sales, bidding will open at the entered start day/time and lots will close at the end day/time.
    • For live sales, the clerk console will become available an hour before the entered start day/time. 

  • Upload a cover image. This will also become the background image for the sale on your web slider. It is recommended to upload a large HD image in landscape format for better results across all platforms (min. 1000px large if possible). Note: This image can be modified at any time. 

  • Select your increment table option
    • Default increment table: Global increments based on current value
    • Customized increment table: allows clients to select their own increments based on a specific value range.
      • Go to the "Increments" tab before hitting create auction and enter your increment table there.
      • Select "Write Increments" in order to save that table, then select "Create Auction." Note: You cannot edit an increment table once an auction is created.



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